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Moro Cookbook

moro cookbook

  • A book containing recipes and other information about the preparation and cooking of food

  • A cookbook is a book that contains information on cooking. It typically contains a collection of recipes, and may also include information on ingredient origin, freshness, selection and quality.

  • The Cookbook is the sixth studio album by American rapper Missy Elliott, released by The Goldmind Inc. and Atlantic Records on July 5, 2005, in the United States.

  • a book of recipes and cooking directions

  • Moru is an ethnic group of Sudan. Most of them live in Equatoria. They speak Moru, a Central Sudanic language. Many members of this ethnicity are Christians, most being memebrs of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan (ECS).

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  • Moro (pronounced "More-oh" ) is the brand name of two different versions of chocolate bar made by Cadbury plc. One bar consists of nougat, biscuit and caramel filling and chocolate covering. The wrapper is blue, with the 'Moro' logo in yellow. It is available in Ireland.

Lamb with Muslim Mediterranean Marinade, Rice with Pine Nuts and Raisins, and Broccoli

Lamb with Muslim Mediterranean Marinade, Rice with Pine Nuts and Raisins, and Broccoli

Again drawing on the Moro and Casa Moro cookbooks.

This time we didn't have any fresh coriander (for the marinade) or dill (for the rice) but I don't think the meal was any the worse.

I really love the way they do rice; fry up a tea spoon of All Spice (I added some flaked chilli just because I could) and half an onion (they use spring onion) in butter for a few minutes, then add the washed rice, pine nuts and raisins and cook them for another minute before (just) covering with water. Put a bit of damp greaseproof paper on top and boil hard for 5 minutes; turn down the heat and simmer for another 5 minutes with the lid on the pan.



{film} Some of the cookbooks in our hosts' apartment. I pored over them on a few occasions. The photos in the Moro cookbook (written by Samuel and Samantha Clark ) were incredible.

moro cookbook

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