Used Electric Cookers. Cook Islands Air.

Used Electric Cookers

used electric cookers

FW Pearl Chandelier Earrings~Lime Green~Aug 2011 008

FW Pearl Chandelier Earrings~Lime Green~Aug 2011 008

Good morning my little creative ones !
Now you may not have guessed it if my opening line is anything to go by, but i am sooooo not a happy bunny at the mo.
Why? because my camera has given up on me which means that i cant take photos of my makes.......grrrr !!!!
As you all already know i am a big fan of chandelier/swingy style earrings and i am always looking for ways to add to this style......enter my latest creations of
Freshwater pearls with bronze/antique style metal connectors.....taaaa daaaa !

I am deliberately using metallic/electric coloured dyed/lacquered pearls in this collection as whilst neutral coloured pearls get much air-play, i am the type of gal who likes to break the rules a bit
Apologies for the poor quality of the photo......i am in the process of saving for a new camera...along with saving for a new cooker, christmas, back to school items, a well deserved new winter coat etc etc :-)

Oh well if nothing else at least my crafting will keep me sane from the day to day financial pressures.

Thanks for stopping by.


Coal powered rice cooker

Coal powered rice cooker

The electricity was coming and going, so rather than using the common electric rice-cooker, rice was steamed in this coal-powered rice cooker!
The coals were dropped in from the opening at the top.

Cuoci-riso a carbone!
L'elettricita' andava e veniva, dunque il riso, anziche' essere cotto nel comune cuoci-riso elettrico, e' stato preparato in questo attrezzo a carbone!
Le braci sono state inserite nell'apertura centrale in alto!

used electric cookers

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